Calling all Admin or Office Managers, Human Resource Managers, Business Owners or even Health and Wellness Committee members - or anyone else who has to shop, stock up snacks, as well as get fresh fruit and coffee for their staff.


We at Caribbean Flavas Restaurant & Catering, are here to save your day! We are now offering an extensive menu of Healthy and delicious Office snacks and beverages as well as Coffee & Teas.


....we deliver right to your office! 


It's a fact, that having Healthy Snacks and Healthy Beverages in the Office makes everyone happy & more productive.


- Happy Bellies makes Happy employees. 




Delivery service to corporate offices.

Contact us — We can set up a meeting and chat with you to learn more about your office culture as well as any challenges you have encountered in the past while trying to support healthy office snacking.

Share your budget -We manage the entire process by tracking the progress and consumption of the snacks for you, while ensuring we stay within your weekly and monthly budgets. Caribbean Flavas Catering in Fredericton will also manage the reordering, restocking and cleaning up of the snacks space — which gives u more time to concentrate on your business.

Ta Da - You are all set - Once we confirm the details of your healthy snacks program, you are good to go. We will schedule delivery days and times with you, so you can receive your first office snacks and beverages delivery, fully stocked in your kitchen. Prepare to get high-fives from your colleagues!


Our Office Healthy Snacks and Beverage Program includes:

  • Hearty sandwiches & Wraps

  • Healthy Bars & Trail Mixes

  • Tasty Crackers and Chips

  • Seasonal Fresh Fruits and Dips

  • Delicious Healthy Chocolates

  • Fresh Smoothies and Drinks

  • Stocked Dairy

- We take care of Inventory

- We save you money and cash flow

- We save YOU time

- We help you fight the "Hanger Pains"


For more information about our Healthy Office Snacks and Coffee Solution Program or to place an order, call Caribbean Flavas Restaurant & Catering today - 506-459-1230


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